Monopoly Go: 7 Best Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Monopoly Go Tips And Tricks: Here are seven beginner tips for players aiming to dominate Monopoly Go and truly Own It All, setting themselves on a path to the top of the leaderboards.

Monopoly Go might look like a simple game of chance at first glance, but it actually involves deep elements of strategy and manipulation, making it more than just a game of luck. This guide offers seven expert tips that will immediately improve your Monopoly Go gameplay, all without the need for cheating

7 Best Monopoly Go Tips And tricks

Gather 5 Friends

To unlock the Community Chest, you need to have five friends. Add friends or connect with random players to access this feature sooner. Once you’ve assembled your group, simply land on the designated Tiles to start accumulating money in the bank. When you’re happy with the amount in the Chest, you can open it to receive money and stickers.

Join the Monopoly Go Discord Server

Discord giveaways can be very rewarding. By joining the official server, you’ll gain access to free Dice Links and rewards in the #giveaway channel. Additionally, it’s a great place to connect with Sticker traders, allowing you to swap cards and fill up your Albums.

Apply the Dice Multiplier Following the 6-7-8 Rule

Use Dice Multipliers when you are six, seven, or eight Tiles from a target, as these are the most probable dice combinations. Optimize your chances by using extra rolls with Dice Multipliers on these distances.

Bonus tip: Crossing the Go Tile with a Multiplier will also net you extra cash.

Grab Your Gift Every 8 Hours

The in-game store offers free gifts every eight hours. Set a reminder to check in on time and collect up to four daily reward bundles. These rewards include free monopoly go Dice, Stickers, and Cash.

Delay Constructing Landmarks

Delay finishing your boards by saving up enough money to upgrade all Landmarks first. Build and enhance as many structures as you can before exiting the game. If funds are low, focus on upgrading just one Landmark before progressing to the next. (This strategy of postponing Landmark upgrades helps avoid Shutdowns.)

Create Your Dice Link Early

Creating a dice link through the Friends section is a passive method to earn free rolls. Share this link with friends who haven’t yet installed the game and encourage them to download it using your link. This can lead to substantial rewards, including rare Stickers and hundreds of Dice Rolls.

Choose Your Opponents

Change your Shutdown target. Seek revenge on players who have attacked you, or target friends who are unprotected by Shields. This strategy helps you maximize the money you gain from your attempts.

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